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I Prodotti: Ulei Sosuri Produse traditionale si delicatese

Tomato pulp and puréed tomato
“My grandfather Faustino grew up tomato plants and harvested the fruits when they were red, well ripe! My grandmother Iole stroked a fire on the farmyard, in front of our home, she put a big saucepan on to cook and she started to boil tomatoes sauce that we used during the winter. Nowadays, this tradition lives again in our tomato pulp and in the puréed tomato, produced with the same methods and very good in traditional dishes.”

Tomato sauces
“In my farm I grow up traditional varieties of tomatoes, in order to obtain ancient flavour for my sauces. Tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, basil and the other ingredients come from my fields, because for me genuineness and quality are very important values.”

Cooked chickpeas and beans
“Beans and chickpeas are an important part of our traditional gastronomy: they represent a peculiar side dish for many Tuscan recipes.”

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