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Hand-made dried porcini mushrooms - Aricifunghi

Aricifunghi - Hand-made dried porcini mushrooms - Aricifunghi

Hand-made dried porcini mushrooms - Aricifunghi

Mushrooms belonging to the Boletus family which includes the species Aereus, Edulis, Estivalis Pinophilus and Reticolatus.
The fresh raw material is healthy, well-formed, at the right point of ripeness, free of diseases, physical chemical defects and damage caused by the action of insects and pests.
After harvesting the porcini are subjected to appropriate control and processing steps: qualitative selection, cleaning / sorting, drying and packaging.
Suitable for any preparation. Depending on the size you can decide to use them for a good risotto, if they are large enough they can be fried, or in stew, on pizza, in pasta, in the sauce of braised and roasts.

Marca: Aricifunghi

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Funghi Porcini secchi - 100 gr.
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