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Black lentils Sicily - Azienda Agricola Agrirape

Azienda agricola AGRIRAPE - Black lentils Sicily - Azienda Agricola Agrirape

Black lentils Sicily - Azienda Agricola Agrirape

The black lentil Leonforte is an old cultivar typical of the hills of Enna, since World War II sent into retirement by more productive varieties, and mechanization. The Agrirape company has resumed growing, from sowing to all manual cleaning, proposing it in the niche market. In a niche price, of course, but it rewarded with unusual taste sensations: emotional. Medium in size, black as coal when they are raw, when cooked (cooking that well over time) assume a true and burnished look good. The nose fantastic undergrowth aromas with hints of lemon balm, sumptuous yet elegant. In the mouth rich taste but refined and unobtrusive, a rustic earthy sweetness and unique and special, excellent persistence, important aftertaste, incredible retronasal scents. The only drawback, small, texture, with the seed that tends to retain water.

Marca: Azienda agricola AGRIRAPE

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Lenticchia Nere - 250 gr.
6.42 €

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